Seven All-Purpose Street Fighting Moves That Will Save Your Bacon In Any Street Fight.

Wayne Jones

Dear Friend,

One evening whilst out with a group of friends.I enjoyed a drink and had been lucky on the fruit machine having won a large jackpot. Unknown to me my friends had grown bored and decided to move on to another pub in town.

I quickly finished my drink and hurried to catch up.I was alone walking swiftly down an alley when 2 men pushed me into the wall and demanded money. It was too dark to see if they were armed. There was no one in sight and my friends were not aware I was in trouble.

I was scared but I had been trained to defend myself by Andrew Thomas. I remembered my classes and quickly asked the men what they wanted and pretended to be more drunk than I was. I knew that as they were speaking they would not see me as a threat.

When they were close enough to me I punched the first in the throat as taught and stamped the second man through the thigh. The men were unable to stop me as I ran past to the safety of the street.

Mr. Andrew Thomas has enabled me to overcome some of the fears, which blighted my early life. The fear of being attacked in an increasingly more dangerous world prevented me from enjoying travel and spending time alone in the world's wild places.

Once I learnt how to interpret a threat and more importantly what to do when threatened I was freed to explore the world around me. No longer am I worried by a group of people on the street corner. Mr. Thomas's simple effective self-defence methods have taught me how and when to defend myself.

I have had the pleasure of being taught by Mr. Thomas for many years he has a relaxed positive teaching style that enables his students to get the most from every class. I have no hesitation in recommending Andy's teachings. He has a common sense approach that is simple yet gives you the tools needed to keep yourself safe.

Yours Sincerely
Wayne Jones

32 Answers To The Most Common Street Fighting Attacks.

You Will Learn The Easiest, Fastest, And Most Deadly Street Techniques Ever Used.Allowing you To Beat Low Life Street Scum.

Learn Dirty Fighting Techniques That Will Instantly Beat Any Attacker And End A Fight.
All Very Simple To Learn, Easy To Remember, And Can Save Your Life. No Messing Around.Even If You Have Never Been In A Real Fight Before... No Matter What Your Age, Size, Or Fitness Level

Think this cannot happen to you?
Learn how the attackers select the victims.
Learn the technique that will stop them dead in there tracks. Think you are too young and strong.
Do not kid yourself.
Males from 20 to 35 are the most likely to be attacked this has been proven again and again by study's all over the world.

Read On If You Dare To Learn The Meanest Strongest, Quickest
"Tips On How To Street Fight" Ever

FROM: Andrew Thomas

Can you survive a vicious street fight attack?

Imagine knowing you are able to take on any situation can you feel how much more confident you would be. See how this would effect how you appear to others.
How much more self-assured you will be

Or are you already being picked on regularly?

Either physical or mentally and finally you have had enough and want to know want you
can do about it

I have taught many 100's of students to deal with both situations. You can learn the same skills I taught them today.

Hi my name is Andrew Thomas

I have 20 years martial arts experience. I have taught 1000's of students in my time successfully. Been hit with every weapon and technique a man can throw at you. I have learned all my skills by hard training. Save yourself 20 years of pain and heart ache learn from my experience NOW and let me pass this knowledge on to you.100's of success story's where my students have used the knowledge effectively

"Effective quick to learn street fighting moves for you today"As used by hundreds of my students. Don't waste years learning skills that will never work. Become effective on the street today

I have squeezed 20 years worth of experience into one street fighting package.To give you a street fighting cocktail that will knock the socks off any low life scum

Let me tell you a true story about a man we will just call Mr X.
Mr X was about 25 years old and had 6 good years of training.
He trained in a style that covered kicks punches, locks and throws. (I am not naming the style I have no interest in running specific martial arts down) He was on his way home late one night after visiting friends.

He sees a group of 15 to 17 years olds he ignores them and walks past BAM they are all over him.
When he wakes up he has a broken ankle and ribs.

About 6 months later after he has recovered he meets me and asks why his 6 years of hard martial arts training did not help him.

The answers are not the technique he had good strong technique. What he lacked was the right mentality and in one-way he almost attracted the attack.

The solution for Mr X was to study the sections on victim profiles and 10 levels of awareness.

He already had good fighting technique BUT If you attract violence with a victim profile. Do not have the right awareness skills and are unsure of when to unleash your defense skills then all the technique in the world will not help you.

From conversations with people like Mr X and people with no defense skills. I realised there was a need for a street fighting / defense book. That could help those with no defense skills to learn the simple but all powerful techniques needed to protect themselves plus the mental strategy's needed to put them in place.
Slowly over a period of time this book evolved. Check out what it can do for you below.

You will learn street fighting moves & strategy read below to see what you can will here

A Victim profile will attract a street fight or mugging. Do you have a Victim profile?

  • Learn the difference between the person who is always mugged or picked on
        and those who are never mugged!
  • Become invisible to low life scum
  • Allows danger to pass you by unnoticed
  • What it is
  • How it will attract violence
  • The cure for the victim profile

  • 10 Levels of awareness that keep you prepared for any street fighting moves the low life may try on you

  • What awareness level are you stuck in and does it make you a target.
  • Break down of the 10 levels allows you to be prepared with out being paranoid

  • Dirty fighting techniques and Improvised weapons

  • Increase your survival rate by 100% by learning how anything (yes anything) can be
        tuned into a improvised weapon.
  • How every day implements can make deadly weapons to protect yourself and your loved ones
  • Including coins, matches, pens, lighter, combs, newspaper, ties, belts, umbrellas,
        chairs, can of coke and even paper etc…The list is endless

  • Your biggest fear a knife fight

  • How to deal with a knife fight and increase your survival chances by 300%. By using the secret
        "knife fighting techniques" of voice, environment, distance improvised weapons and complete commitment.
  • How to avoid a knife fight by using the same skills in reverse

  • Martial arts the truth? Can they survive the onslaught of street fighting moves?

  • Can they help you or will they get you killed
  • Do not wait 5 years to be good enough to protect yourself
  • Will your stylised technique get you killed?
  • Have you wasted your time?
  • What martial arts are worth looking at?

  • Tips on how to street fight using the pain movement strategy

  • Literally stop your opponents brain functioning allowing you to run away or finish him
  • Gain immediate advantage in any encounter
  • How to make this simple strategy work for you

  • How hard do you have to be to use street fighting techniques?

  • Learn how to make the most of what you have now
  • No need to have 20" collar size and bend steel bars with your bare hands

  • Ground fighting the truth unmasked

  • Not the holy grail of street fighting no matter how many Brazilian jujitsu and cage fighters tell you other wise.
  • Learn why?

  • Deadly pressure points and street fighting moves

  • Be able to control your attacker quickly using "self defense pressure points"
  • Painfully Immobilize your attacker

  • Street fighting moves that will teach you how to beat the kicker

  • No needs to spend 3 years learning to kick well I will show you how to defeat a kicker now today!

  • The moral dilemma that will get you beaten up

  • How many times have I spoken to a martial artist or tough guy that got beaten up because he did not
        know when he should turn on the juice and while he's thinking about it he gets slammed
        Do not let this happen to you.

  • Your Space

  • What is the concept of "your space? "
  • Should you defend it? How harshly should you fight for it?

  • Seven kick arse techniques you can use now

  • Quick to learn, master in one day.
  • Will work in any street fight situation.

  • Lets get mean section

  • Eye wateringly painful techniques that will get you out of those hard to escapes situations.

  • Great value for money

    If you pay only $5 a week at your local self-defence /martial arts club and you only train once a week for 20 years that would be $5200 and you still would not be close to the time and effort I put into this. Well I have been training a minimum of 3 times a week often 6 for 20 years.

    For $47.00 learn from everything I have proven that works and do not waste your time or money on what will not work

    Our price is normally $47 but we are currently testing our price at $29.74. To see if we sell enough extra books to justify dropping the price permanently or not. I do not know how long this test will run. Do not expect this price to still be current next time you are here

    Bonus Material

    • Your biggest fear a knife fight

      How to deal with a knife fight and increase your survival chances by 300%. By using the secret "knife fighting techniques" of voice, environment, distance improvised weapons and complete commitment.

      How to avoid a knife fight by using the same skills in reverse

    • "Self defense pressure points" diagram and detailed description

    • Free future up date showing you Street fighting moves that will teach you how to Fight inside your car, bus, train, confined spaces.

    1-Year refund no questions asked

    That's how confident I am that you will like our street fighting technique.1 year to evaluate your technique and see if the info helped or not. We will promptly give 100% refund

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    Andrew Thomas

    P.S. Do not be a victim of the street be able to protect yourself now with quick fighting tips. $5200 of info for only $29.74.

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